Happy, Healthy Hips.



You asked and we listened. You all love to work on those hips, whether its’s because you’re feeling “tight” in this area or you love the emotional and physical release of working those hips.

In this workshop we will explore lots or postures to strengthen and increase flexibility in the hips as well as improving mobility.

We will also delve into the emotional side of working the hips.

Our hips work so hard everyday supporting our body, sometimes low mobility in the hips can cause back and even knee issues.


Tea/coffee & Satsang


Hips don’t lie, myths, truths

Hip mobility

Hatha happy hips yoga

Yoga Nidra


This workshop is suitable for ALL ABILITIES! If you sit a lot in your day to day life or equally you are extremely active we all need to look after our hips.


Heat by Transfit, Unit 7 Liebig Court, Widnes.



28th July 2-4:30pm though we may go until 5pm (I’m chatty)





To book click HERE

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